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Hotel Las Majadas- A member of the Leading Hotels of the Worl, a beacon of

luxury and natural splendor, beckons travelers just a short distance from

Santiago International Airport. Nestled at the crossroads of the enchanting Los

Andes and the exquisite Chilean Vineyards, this distinguished establishment

boasts 50 meticulously designed rooms and a meticulously restored Palace

dating back to 1907. Surrounded by a sprawling 20-acre park with over 200

years of history, Hotel Las Majadas is a haven that seamlessly weaves together

nature´s charm, historical elegance, and warm hospitality.

The story of this unique destination unfolds within the embrace of Hotel Las

Majadas Park, envisioned by the esteemed French landscape architect Guillermo

Renner in 1909. Spanning 8 hectares, this centenary park is a testament to

nature´s artistry, adorned with a diverse array of perennial and native trees

such as Peumos, Monkey-puzzle trees (Araucarias), Cedar of Lebanon,

Sequoias, Cypresses, Linden, Palm trees, Oriental-plane, and Pine-oak. Each

season transforms the landscape, creating a visual symphony that captivates

guests from the comfort of their cozy rooms, where the rustling leaves provide

a mesmerizing soundtrack to their stay.

Venturing beyond the hotel unveils a scenic circular path that meanders

through the original structure of the park, leading to the meticulously

reconstructed Palace of Las Majadas. Erected in 1905, the palace stands as a

captivating relic, now one of the most compelling attractions within the hotel


The sensory haven continues to unfold as guests explore the breathtaking

scenery and engage in a variety of activities. From yoga classes to exploring the

lagoon nestled in the heart of the park, reflecting the majestic Cedars and

Magnolias, to witnessing the vibrant hues of the foothills during spectacular

sunsets—Hotel Las Majadas promises an experience that effortlessly captivates

and rejuvenates.

Beyond the comfort of the hotel, an invitation awaits to explore the wonders of

Chile´s Maipo Valley, where the imposing Andes Mountains provide a dramatic

backdrop to a myriad of outdoor adventures. Whether trekking, horseback

riding, enjoying idyllic picnics, or witnessing the magic of sunrises and sunsets,

guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in the extraordinary experiences

offered by this magnificent setting.

Expert guides accompany guests on hikes along diverse trails, each revealing a

captivating snapshot of nature´s wonders. As the seasons change, so do the

landscapes, with summits offering spectacular views that leave visitors

breathless. The journey is complemented by delectable cuisine, providing a

source of replenishing energy against the stunning mountain backdrop.

Sequoia, the culinary gem within Hotel Las Majadas, elevates the dining

experience to new heights. Here, haute cuisine becomes a masterful blend of

aromas, textures, and traditions, showcasing the best of the Maipo Valley. The

restaurant's contemporary style evolves with the seasons, privileging local

products and pairing them with a wine list featuring the finest varieties from the


Each dish at Sequoia is a tribute to Pirque, celebrating its diverse flavors and

the experiences found in its land and people. The restaurant is not merely a

dining venue; it´s a celebration of the region, a testament to its people, and an

invitation to savor the very essence of Pirque.

In essence, Hotel Las Majadas stands as a gateway to a unique blend of luxury,

nature, and culinary excellence. From the historical charm of its palace to the

captivating landscapes of the Andes and the Maipo Valley, every aspect of this

destination invites guests to embark on a journey of discovery and

indulgence—a journey that transcends the ordinary and creates memories that

last a lifetime.

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